Nicola Greco

I am working to re-decentralize the webRead more about my work here. I am a researcher at Protocol Labs. PhD student (on leave) at MIT advised by Tim Berners-Lee and friend at Berkman Center. Once an entrepreneur, a UCL student, a Mozillian.

Week 1: Arriving at MIT

September 4, 2015

Nicola and the MIT dome at night

So, I decided to follow Andrei’s idea, based on my original idea of weekly updates on my life.

So, yes, it is now official, I am now at MIT. I just arrived in this exciting place with my father. I have been buying furniture, getting a student card, having dinner with my research group that has been extremely welcoming, making new Indian, Mexican and Italian friends (and so many other nationalities).

I have been to plenty of orientation events, that made me revive all the great moments I had in my first year at UCL. Boat cruise, night walks, and more than everything else, meeting a lot of new people everyday. Although Cambridge has been great so far, I do miss London, the Londoners and the adopted Londoners I met in the last three years11 I did my undergraduate studies at University College London.

Tonight I have seen the dome for the first time, and it has been a magic couple of seconds.

- Nicola Greco,
Keep on rocking the decentralized web

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