Nicola Greco

I am working to re-decentralize the webRead more about my work here. I am a researcher at Protocol Labs. PhD student (on leave) at MIT advised by Tim Berners-Lee and friend at Berkman Center. Once an entrepreneur, a UCL student, a Mozillian.

A Center for Decentralization

October 1, 2015

People from the Internet, I will make this very simple, we live in a strange web.

Data is not yours, services don’t interoperate, you are locked in very many walled-garden, there is someone in the middle of your interactions, (actually, every time the same folks) web pages disappear/die every 100 days, Online identity - what the heck is even that?


At the same time, Internet connection got better, our computers much faster our devices are all connected, storage is cheap.

Why don’t we - society, individuals and companies - start to build technologies that take advantage of this?

Let’s bring decentralization22 Read about my principle for a Decentralized Web at the center of attention.

Now, in practice, I haven’t started a center11 yet.. I like to call the meetings that we are starting in Boston with the name “Center for Decentralization” (every other Friday at 4:30 at the Berkman Center/MIT).

Do get in touch @nicolagreco

- Nicola Greco,
Keep on rocking the decentralized web

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