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I am working to re-decentralize the webRead more about my work here. I am a researcher at Protocol Labs. PhD student (on leave) at MIT advised by Tim Berners-Lee and friend at Berkman Center. Once an entrepreneur, a UCL student, a Mozillian.

Idea: Computation Coin

February 17, 2017

I am posting a draft written during the summer of 2017. I wrote this after reading the Versum paper and starting learning about verifiable computation. The idea here is to do faster off-chain contracts.

Computation Coin (CoCo)

Delegate computations by creating bounties


  1. Complex contracts are really expensive in Ethereum
  2. Every ethereum miner runs every computation (too much waste!)
  3. Use ideas from Refereed Multi-prover Delegated Computation (and Versum)
  4. SNARK & other systems are too expensive (!!)



Protocol 1: ComputationCoin Protocol

Protocol 2: ReputationContract Protocol

If a computer is found to create an incorrect computation in the future, they can be referenced to a reputation contract, losing in this way reputation, so in the future Computation contract can set up some minimum reputation they require.

Problems left

- Nicola Greco,
Keep on rocking the decentralized web

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